Gifted and Talented Education

“Intellectually gifted children” shall mean those children and youth who are found to have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process. The needs of these students should be addressed based on the program options provided in the Outcomes for Intellectually Gifted Education Programs Grades 2-8 in Mississippi.


The mission of the Houston School District is to ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.

Gifted and talented education will provide equal opportunities and differentiated learning experiences according to potential and ability through a relevant curriculum and standards for excellence.


  • To provide an equitable identification process for gifted students which is inclusive and meets requirements as outlined in state regulations.

  • To provide a gifted learning environment that allows gifted students to interact with intellectual peers.

  • To provide challenging learning experiences that address the multiple talents, challenges, and cultural diversity of the district’s population.

  • To provide a challenging, differentiated curriculum and teaching strategies that address the intellectual, cognitive, and affective characteristics of the gifted learner.

  • To focus on students’ interests, strengths, and learning styles in order to encourage a life-long love of learning.

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop skills in creative and critical thinking, research, communication, creative and performing arts, leadership, career awareness, life-skills, self-directed learning, group dynamics, and self-evaluation.

  • To provide differentiated guidance efforts to meet the social-emotional needs of gifted students including those who are underachieving, twice exceptional, and from diverse populations.


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