Engineering Solidworks Certification

Houston CTE Engineering students have put in a lot of effort to achieve their SolidWorks Certification.

SolidWorks is considered one of the most popular computer-aided design (CAD) software tools widely used across various industries. Fields such as mechanical engineering, product design, 3D animation, machinery, and aviation engineering all rely on this program. It is recognized by many as the standard software in several disciplines.

Becoming a Certified SolidWorks Associate (CSWA) involves showcasing a fundamental understanding of design principles and proficient use of the software. This certification level also has an academic variant, as numerous universities either recommend or require students to pass the SolidWorks exam as part of their academic journey.

The following students have accomplished this feat: Steven Cook, Taylor Higginbotham,Tylor Coleman, and Carter Pettit under the guidance of their instructor, Chris Kendall.