Career Coach


This post is for all parents, but especially for middle- and high school parents.  Today, your Career Coaches would like to focus on the factors that predict STUDENT SUCCESS.  As we work with students to help them become CAREER-AWARE and CAREER-READY, these FOUR FACTORS, in addition to grades, will impact your student’s success after high school.

J - Part-time jobs.  When students are eligible to work, a part-time job teaches responsibility, independence, and self-confidence.  Juniors and seniors that have not held a part-time job are less interested in planning for future careers.

A -  School attendance.  Being at school every day, on-time, and prepared to learn is key to students preparing for going to a job or college and doing well.  Students that don’t come to school are learning poor habits that will hurt their job performance and contribute to failure inside and outside of school.

D - Driver’s License.  When students cannot legally drive a vehicle, their opportunities for student internships and part-time jobs are very limited.  Getting a driver’s license is an important milestone for your student.  Please insist that they get one and help them with the preparation (documents, etc.) to pass their Learner’s Permit test.  Application for a permit is available at HHS from Coach Brian Goodman.

E - Email.  Email is the communication method that businesses use every day.  Currently, due to the pandemic, HHS teachers and staff send students lots of information via email. Ms. Mooneyham and I often see students with 500 unread emails in their account.  Students need to learn how to write emails and how to manage an email account BEFORE they begin work.  Texting is not a substitute for email - please encourage your students to read and write emails…it’s important to their success.